I LOVE a girl.. may b she loves me too.she wont marry me without her parents permission ..she will marry whom ever her parents give her too.she asked me to take my parents and go to hers and ask for her hand,if her parents accept she will b with me...ok,now im 20,may b i'll marry her when im 26.. now,is it haram to pray to Allah and ask Allah to get us together in the end....? im praying and asking Allah to get me married to her in the end..am i comiting sin? please help

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No it's never haram to pray to Allah swa to be with someone you love Keep praying and if she has bad manners pray for that to be corrected and also Islam is clear on the kind of wife you should be seeking. The Prophet (saws) said: "A woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, her status, her beauty, and her religion; so try to get one who is religious, may you be blessed." This specifically defines just what kind of a companion we are seeking, for if we marry her for anything other than her religious piety, our marriage is bound to fall into misery. True, beauty and charm is hard to resist, yet beauty does not last forever and does not guarantee you her obedience and religiousness. Financial status is dynamic, and so is worldly status, yet religion strongly establishes a household, and it may be that through your intention of marrying her for her religion, the rest is given to you anyway. And also your unborn children deserve a good mother. So keep praying for you guys to be together if it's for the best if it's not pray To Allah swa to erase the love you have for her because Allah know the best.

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she is beautiful (mashAllah) , she is wel mannered , and with a very good character .. the age we r in , good girls like her is very hard to find,almost every girl is having a boyfrnd and getting involved physically.. but she is not like that,she listens to her parents more then anything,she is muslim bt not that religious..i love her for the good person she is ,her beauti and ofcorse coz she is muslim... so what do u think ? should i stick to her and pray to Allah to get us together ??

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She sounds perfect except for the religious part .... YES

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