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I am a recent convert to Islam and am very uneducated and have been misinformed on Sharia in the past. However I know my husband does not completely follow Sharia and doesn't enforce it hardly at all. What exactly is Sharia? How much of it is left up to interpretation? What happens if he doesn't enforce it or only partially?

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Sharia is an Arabic meaning of Islamic Law which is derived from Quran and Sunnah and after that Ijtihaad (personal opinion of a scholar) Ijma (Majority viewpoint) and Qiyas (i.e. Analogy).... Something which is not clear cut in Quran or hadeeth can be interpreted like how to wipe your head in wudu or where to put hand in salaah but those things which are explicitly mentioned from quran or hadeeth cant be interpreted like obligation of Salaah , fasting in month or ramadan or zakaat or staying away from immoral acts like theft , adultery,fornication , drinking alcohol etc etc. If an individual does not follow those level of islamic laws which are fard (compulsory) wajib (next to fard) and SunnahMuaqqadah (strongly recommended ) then he will be a sinner similarly if he act on those things which are haraam [prohibited] makruh tehreemi[ prohibitively disliked] and Isa'at [i.e. stronlgy disliked to stay away] then he will amount to sin and these are the stages of islamic sharia about whom one will be answerable on the day of judgement. If any doubt remains , then you can ask ............ Wassalaam Allah knows best

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