I am Natisha, 28 years old, married to Abdul Haseeb.

Actually I wanted to know the interpretation of a dream I saw a few nights before my wedding.

I saw two snakes in my in laws house trying to stop me from entering their house. How much ever I tried I could not enter their house. Can you tell me the interpretation of this dream.

Let me detail you about my life. I got married on 25th April 2010. In my husband's family, there are his mother and younger brother. His father passed away in 2006.

I and my husband are first cousins and we both are born Islam.

Now my husband is abroad working and I stay with my parents. Since my marriage I have been staying with my parents only as they have a small house and they do not have a room for me in their home.

Yesterday night my sister's son Haris who is 7 years old saw a dream.

He saw two snakes one big and one small, in my room again. As I have told you I stay with my parents and the room mentioned here is the room in my house.

What does this mean? Do both these dreams have anything common in them.

Jazak Allah for the reply and for helping me out.


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WA 3Alaykum Asalaam my dearest sister we do not interpret dreams here . We know dreams come from three , when they are good they are from Allah , when they are bad from shayton and all other dreams are from the wonderings of our mind. Sister it could be harmful for someone to interpret your dream. I seek refuge in Allah from that. I hope you understand Insha Allah. Salaam

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