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I LOVE a girl.. may b she loves me too.she wont marry me without her parents permission ..she will marry whom ever her parents give her too.she asked me to take my parents and go to hers and ask for her hand,if her parents accept she will b with me...ok,now im 20,may b i'll marry her when im 26.. now,is it haram to pray to Allah and ask Allah to get us together in the end....? im praying and asking Allah to get me married to her in the i comiting sin? she is beautiful (mashAllah) , she is wel mannered , and with a very good character .. the age we r in , good girls like her is very hard to find,almost every girl is having a boyfrnd and getting involved physically.. but she is not like that,she listens to her parents more then anything,she is muslim bt not that religious..i love her for the good person she is ,her beauti and ofcorse coz she is muslim... so what do u think ? should i stick to her and pray to Allah to get us together ??

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There is nothing wrong in asking god, infact I say that wat ever u want may b da small thing first u ask god , he is there to grant ur every wish. N bro only god knows in 5-6 years where wil we be. He is the one who accept our duas. Always pray for a good n religious wife, if u love her soo much then ask for her too, if she is in ur destiny no one can separate u from her.

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As i am not scholar, but you can ask Allah to get you married. You can do it because you are going for right thing Doing Nikah sunnah of Prophet SAW. Send your parents to her home ask her hand. in my opinion you should not waste time do this As soon as possible lets say with in one year or so but it is just me

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