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Salma everyone, I am a Muslim girl and i fell into a relationship with a guy .he seems to b a very religious and i respect him alot but as time passed time he started to talk about rubbish things and tried to touch me and i allowed him to do so. i was young but newly matured and had no idea what was happening. but know as the time has passed, i realized that i did a sin,.i daily say sorry to Allah for allowing him to hold my hand ..and touch me and talking about rubbish things..i feel so embarssed in front of Allah.what should i do to save my self from Allah's Azab.

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As-Salamu Alaykum emaan, be very careful and look after things you do, and on the moment you think " no i'm doing wrong" or if you don't want to be touched, just say it to is haram to do things before mariage, and i think that you know it better. But if you really feal sorry about it, Allah will forgive you. Cause he forgives everyone, you only need to ask for it. It is very good if you're praying already, and if don't, pray. Praying is having a closer relationship with God. Be confident about it, and everything will be alright.

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yes u should be careful..

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You're welcome, with your embarrassed feeling you can show Allah that you really feel sorry about it. He sees and feels that. Pray for it, don't do it again and insha-allah you will be forgiven by Allah.

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and remember when you do istighfar you have to stay away from the sin you commited and to never do it again so not to have contact with that man.....allah is merciful to those who ask for mercy may allah guide you to the right path

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