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Islam and statues?

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Why don't you answer being you all all the sense. Oh excuse me I mean non sense. Hah! Watch out im on a roll.

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My friend, it being an entire muslim nation, statues are forbidden, concluding the afghanis were right on it's destruction, if you had a mosque in your neighborhood, and it's been built 500 years ago, and nobody goes to it. most likely you would start a petition to destroy it. Anyways what are you trying to accomplish here? You should not be on a website to make damaging remarks about your hatred towards Islam, I know you're trying to do so, there are people in my school who hate me for my religion and they make the same comments trying to upset me, they're too scared to say it to my face.

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Okay have a wonderful day friend

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This is what the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did when he entered Mecca (after the conquest) he destroyed the statues that were present, about 300 idols were there. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wasn't the only one that destroyed idols, Prophet Ibrahim did too.

Ibrahim left his father's house and abandoned his people and what they worshipped. He decide to do something about their state of disbelief, but did not reveal it. He knew that there was going to be a great celebration on the other bank of the river which would be attended by all the people. Ibrahim waited until the city was empty, then came out cautiously, directing his steps towards the temple. the streets leading to it were empty and the temple itself was deserted for the priests had also gone to the festival outside the city.

Ibrahim went there carrying a sharp axe. He looked at the stone and wood statues of the gods and at the food laid in front of them as offerings. He approached one of the statues and asked: "The food in front of you is getting cold. Why don't you eat?" the statue kept silent and rigid. Ibrahim asked all the other statues around him:"Will you not eat of the offering before you?" (37:91) He was mocking them for he knew they would not eat. He once again asked then: "What is the matter with you that you do not speak?" (37:92)

He then raised his axe and started smashing the false gods worshiped by the people. He destroyed them all except one on whose neck he hung the axe. After this his anger subsides and he felt at peace. He left the temple. He had fulfilled his vow to show his people a practical proof of their foolishness in worshiping something other than All.

So if our prophets destroyed the idols, then what the Taliban did were right. If it's true that they were actually idols, it's an obligation to destroy them as they are symbols of shirk (paganism), these idols are being worshiped besides the Allah the almighty.

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Salam, I know a lots of things about Afghanistan. So the answer for your question is yes it the right of Taliban to destroy the Buddhas because at first place that afghani which are Muslim who made those Buddhas and right know they all decide to destroy them and those Buddhas are from history time so right know every afghani think that they are no place for those Buddhas in Afghanistan.

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Yes. The Taliban were right to destroy the Bhuddas. Palagomy is a sin, and so is being a troll who is on just to be an idiot.

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Actually taliban might be wrong, so unfortunately I might have side with mike here. When I say they are wrong, I am making the assumption that the non-muslims are paying jizya for them to live in agreement. Since, the buddha people must be paying some sort of tax, then they are part of that state, in that case they are wrong (again this is an assumption).

This hadith will clarify:

The Prophet said: Beware! Whosoever oppresses a Muahid (i.e. Non-Muslim living in Muslim land with agreement) or snatches (any of) his rights or causes him pain which he cannot bear, or takes anything from him without his permission, Then “I WILL FIGHT AGAINST SUCH A (MUSLIM) ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT” [Sunnan Abu Dawud, Volume No. 3, Page No. 170, Hadith No. 3052]

And in the following hadith as well:

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: To protect the rights (of non-Muslims) is amongst the primary duties of mine [Sunnan Baihaqi, Volume No. 8, Page No. 30]

The Kaabah is completely different story. It was built by Ibrahim and his son for solely worshipping Allah. So destruction of the idols became a necessity.

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 5.584 Narrated byIbn Abbas When Allah's Apostle arrived in Mecca, he refused to enter the Ka'ba while there were idols in it. So he ordered that they be taken out. The pictures of the (Prophets) Abraham and Ishmael, holding arrows of divination in their hands, were carried out. The Prophet said, "May Allah ruin them (i.e. the infidels) for they knew very well that they (i.e. Abraham and Ishmael) never drew lots by these (divination arrows)." Then the Prophet entered the Ka'ba and said. "Allahu Akbar" in all its directions and came out and did not offer any prayer therein.

Take another example. We know there were Christian and Jews clans that had treaty with the Muslims but their places of worship were,not destroyed as they paid jizya .

Before placing any answer, one must understand and read the biography of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and different treatment according to individual circumstances.

Praise be to Allah!

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