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I have married recently, I know my wife since 2010, she is so innocent and good girl, but before marriage she has sex many times with her maternal step uncle...what should I do in Islamic way

Please help

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if she has been engaged in sexual activity with the step uncle, most probably he was abusing her. In such a case, it would not be her fault. You should be getting angry at the criminal, the (stepfather) and not your wife (the victim).

You say she is innocent, and it seems you love her. Thus, ignore what has happened to her in the past (something that wasnt even her fault), and live a good life with her as a happily married couple.

if, however, she gladly engaged in such sexual activity, then again, you will have to look and she if she has really changed her ways or not. If she has, forgive and stay with her. If not, then divorce may be best, especially if there is a risk she will do it again.


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You should pray to Allah that things will get better, and that you won't do such a stupid thing, and that good things will come your way. Then you should confront her. Tell her that you know what she's done and it is Haram to do so. Divorce her, even, 'cos she will probably do it again, and if she's doing this, she probably aint attracted to you anymore or something. If she doesn't wanna be with you, then divorce. If she does, then tell her to repent to Allah and not to do it again.

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Please help

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