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So a few weeks ago on Friday, a sheikh was doing the khutba and he mentioned this specific story which stayed in my head until this day, it's a really beautiful story but I can't find it anywhere online. I don't know the story at it's fullest but I'm going to say what is close to the real version of this story. "A spy was sent by his leader to a Muslim place so he can get information about them. As he reached his destination, he sees a child upset as he was trying to shoot down a flying bird with a stone. The spy goes up to him and tells him what makes you upset? The child replies I am unable to hit the flying bird with one stone, the spy then tells him, it's okay, keep trying two times, three times and you'll be able to shoot him, the child then replies, if I were to meet the enemy of Allah in a war, how am I meant to shoot him with one arrow when I can not shoot down a flying bird with one stone, the spy then returns to his leader and tells him beware of this group". If anyone knows this story, please give me a reference to the corrected version of this story. Salaam.

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omar, has a search by word/s function. don't know it it is "reliable" or not. seems to be run by muslims. no one will tell me what website they thhnk is "reliable"?

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Yes, I did go on that website too and couldn't find what I was looking for. Also, I realised that this isn't actually a hadith, it's a story. Maybe this will clear things up? I still can't find it anywhere online.

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so let me ask you. what does the story mean to you? does it even sound believable. do you think you can hit a bird in flight with a sling or an arrow. maybe a really large, low flying, slow moving bird, right? i man is much easier to hit than a bird, don't you think.

maybe the story goes inline with the hadiths on target practice being a good thing?

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What this story means to me is that not only were the men who went to war had strong iman, but also the children did too, this story gave me goose bumps when I first heard it. Now about the training, since it's hard to hit the bird with the stone, don't you think when he finally hits it it'll be very easy for him to shoot his enemy? It's all about training.

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yes it's about training your children for war. not sure why the spy would encourage his enemy to continue training, or maybe they weren't actual enemies yet? so muslim's should be feared as great warriors, trained to kill from a young age? ok, message recieved loud and clear. then again reality may be quite different.

i got a more modern story for ya omar. my dad went to the war college in dc in 1987. they had footage from israeli cockpits from the six day war. first day a jewish fighter would get behind an egyptian fighter. get radar lock and fire. hit the egyptian and the pilot would

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eject. second day the jew would get radar lock and the egyptian would eject before to missle was even fired. third day the israeli plane got radar lock, fired, egyptian hit and no pilot ejected.

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This is an Islamic story? I thought the teachings of the Qur'an and the Prophet (S.A.W.) consists of not harming animals for no reason, and that includes if you're practicing to shoot someone.

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Yes it is true that it is prohibited for Muslims to harm animals for no reason including practicing purposes. After I read your answer, I asked my parents about this story and they said this isn't an Islamic story, sorry for not knowing the origins about this story as if I did know, I would have not posted the story. Sorry about this, salaam.

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