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please help, my husband wont give me any money for housekeeping. every time i bring this up it causes major arguments between us. I recieve money from a trust fund every week , it is £140.00 a week, but it does not cover all the household bills. My husband has a business and every sunday he collects money owed to him which i count and bag. Last week i did not manage to pay my gas and electric bill so I took out £150.00 from his money without him knowing. I need £150 every week so that i can pay bills and buy surplus food items. £80.00 i can use for household bills and £70 a week to buy milk, bread, etc I do not use that money whatsoever on my self, it is used to buy surplus food items( ihave 3 children). He did not even notice that the money was missing because he makes between £700-£900 a week. After i took it i have had sleepless nights and i feel very guilty. I pray 5 times a day and i really need to know if by his behaviour and me taking it this way is wrong or right.

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Salaam , Peace be upon you dear sister .... Indeed it is a sad to hear regarding your situation , but trust in Allah and he will bring some good for you. Surely , it is a test from Allah and you need to be steadfast on it so that you may gain the reward of Allah. Allah said in Quran : "And We will surely test you with some fear and hunger, and with paucity of wealth and lives and crops; and give glad tidings to those who patiently endure.Those who say when calamity befalls them, Indeed we belong to Allah and indeed it is to Him we are to return.These are the people upon whom are the blessings from their Lord, and mercy; and it is they who are on guidance."[Quran 2:155-157]....... "After every heardship , comes ease , Indeed, After every hardship comes ease" [Quran 94:5,6] ...................... Now coming back to your answer , verily it is a duty of every husband to fulfill their financial obligations towards their family[children till they reach adulthood] as well as their wives which unfortunately in your case your husband is neglectful of. Allah has made the men the head of their family and therefore he has some duties to fulfill which your husband is not doing. By such behaviour he is attracting the wrath of Allah. Prophet(peace be upon him) said that " the best of the man are those who are best to their wives." Now, In general taking anything without the owner's permission is sin but in your case it will be an exception due to the following hadeeth- " A women came to Prophet(peace be upon him) and said , " ya RasoolAllah , my husband is very niggard and he does not give me sustenance and therefore I (without his permission or his knowledge)take out some money from his pocket in his absence, am I sinning. (Prophet Peace be upon him)said: No." This shows that Wife is entitled to husbands income. Therefore , you are not sinning.............. Now , my personal advice to you is that , how long this will keep going. The chance is one day you"ll be caught and then you will have to face his reaction which could be very ugly... So you sit with him and peacefully , when his mood is good and joyous , then please try to make him realise his duties and pray to Allah that he makes things easy for you and softens the heart of your husband...... .............. And if you further have some doubt , then you can reply to this answer..... May Allah help you and all the muslim across the globe..... Ameen Allah knows the best...........

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