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i was watching a video yesterday of some syrians beheading two guys.

judging by the crowds reaction, this is the will of allah. and a good thing?

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This is a literal command but "APPLIED ONLY TO SPECIFIC CONTEXT OF WAR " in which Allah is commanding muslims soldier to not fear those who fight you and kill them but it cannot be applied in normal circumstances because applying it anywhere except out of battle field [ and that too when somebodyis fighting you and not one who came for peace) contradicts another verse of quran 5:32 and several hadeeth of Prophet (peace be upon him). Allah knows best

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"applied only to specific context of war". well the british and americans are at war with muslims in afghanistan. so are the two kenyans who killed the british soldier in woolwich not right to have killed him? 9:5 says to lie in ambush for the disbelievers and kill them where ever you find them. so why would a street in england not be appropriate. how about nidal hassan, the fort hood shooter. was that not a rightous kill? 5:32 and 5:33 says to kill people for spreading mischief or corruption. are not infidel soldiers spreading mischief throughout the world?

these people in the video are

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accused of collaborating with the syrian government in war against "true" muslims. so should you not cut their heads off?

"contradicts another verse of quran", 5:32 because of this we did ordain unto the children of israel, to kill one man, accept as punishment for murder or spreading corruption, it shall be not if you killed all mankind....5:33 it is a just recompense for those who make war on allah and his apostle and endevor to spread corruption, that they be slain in great numbers or crucified in great numbers...

the question is, what is innocent.

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