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Is there any proof that prophets do or don't leave inhetitance???

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noah's sons inherited from him, right? didn't solomn inherit the throne from his father david? are they not considered prophets in islam?

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This talk has much haqq in it. Salaam

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Sahih Muslim - Book 19: The Book of Jihad and Expedition (Kitab Al-Jihad wa'l-Siyar) Chapter 16: THE SAYING OF THE PROPHET (MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM):" WE (PROPHETS) DO NOT HAVE ANY HEIRS; WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND IS (TO BE GIVEN IN) CHARITY"

Book 019, Number 4351: It is narrated on the authority of 'A'isha who said: When the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) passed away, his wives made up their minds to send 'Uthman b. 'Affan (as their spokesman) to Abu Bakr to demand from him their share from the legacy of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him). (At this), A'isha said to them: Hasn't the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:" We (Prophets) do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is (to be given in) charity"? .................................... Similar Hadeeth can be found in Sahih Bukhari , Musnad Of Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal etc.........

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Their inheritance was "the knowledge".

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Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), known as the 'hafidh of the Sahabah', narrated that he once visited the market-place where he found people engaged in the usual trading. He then told them,

"You are here trading while people are distributing the inheritance of the Prophet (peace be upon him ). " Where is this happening," they asked excitedly as they were eager to acquire a relic of the Prophet, saw, for themselves. "In the masjid," Abu Hurayrah (r.a.) replied. So all of them rushed to the masjid but found none of the Prophet's (s) possessions there. They asked the companion, " Why do you say the inheritance is being distributed when none is to be found ?" " What did you find there?" Abu Hurayrah (r) asked. " We found people in circles studying Quran and Hadith." " That is the inheritance," Abu Hurayrah (r) replied.

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Other type of Inheritance is that of prophetic duty and allegiance.

And when Allah made His covenant with the Prophets, (He said), ‘This is what I have given you as a Book and wisdom, and then a Messenger (Muhammad) will come to you confirming what you have – and you will believe in him and you will help him.’ He said, ‘Will you be bound by this and will you accept this obligation?’ They replied, ‘We will be bound by it.’ He said, ‘Then bear witness to it – and I will bear witness with you – and as for whoever turns away after this, then they will be the ones who disobey.’ (3.81-82).

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For the Qur’an makes it clear that each Prophet was not only aware that the Prophet Muhammad would come, but also promised to support and follow him if he should come during his own particular life-time:

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Al hamdulilahee thankyou for all of your answers, now tell me if the Rasul saws gives anyone anything before he passed is that considered an inheritance?

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Prophet (Peace be upon him)leave knowledge as inheritance and everything else is to be given in sadaqaah.... This was the confusion arose between Abu Bakr and Fatima [May Allah be pleased with both of them] on the matter of Fadak when Fatima [May Allah be pleased with her] demanded her booty and Abu Bakr rejected saying Prophet do not leave any inheritance for their heir except for knowledge. [Narrated by Aisha Ibn Abbas and several others and reported by Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim in their Sahihayn along with Ahmad in his Musnad and several other book of hadeeth with Sahih Chain]

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Beloved you say you don't want to debate but you have tendency to present oneside, inshallah I will present it and we can stand on the strongest proof. Neither of you two brothers answered my second question, for I fully understand what both have presented ma'shallah. Salaam

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Al hamdulilahee thank you brothers. Salaam

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yes, what Prophet Muhammad, saw, left behind was to be given saddaqah. And no part did his wives have in any of it. What was left was for the ummah only.

sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4355: It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: My heirs cannot share even a dinar (from my legacy); what I leave behind after paving maintenance allowance to my wives and remuneration to my manager is (to go in) charity.

Sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4351: It is narrated on the authority of 'Aisha who said: When the Messenger of Allah passed away, his wives made up their minds to send 'Uthman b. 'Affan (as their spokesman) to Abu Bakr to demand from him their share from the legacy of the Holy Prophet . (At this), Aisha said to them: Hasn't the Messenger of Allah said: "We (Prophets) do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is (to be given in) charity"?

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Prophet (Peace be upon him)leave knowledge as inheritance and everything else is to be given in sadaqaah.... This was the confusion arose between Abu Bakr and Fatima [May Allah be pleased with both of them] on the matter of Fadak when Fatima [May Allah be pleased with her] demanded her booty and Abu Bakr rejected saying Prophet do not leave any inheritance for their heir except for knowledge. [Narrated by Aisha Ibn Abbas and several others and reported by Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim in their Sahihayn along with Ahmad in his Musnad and several other book of hadeeth with Sahih Chain]

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Salaam my beloved brothers, inshallah lets begin with the kalam of Allah azza wal jall, " Then give to the near of kin his due." (30:38inpart) Kanz al-Ummal book which is an annotation for the book musnad of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, in chapter Silah Rahim, it states that it has been reported from Abu Sa'id Khudri that when the above verse was revealed the Rasul saws sought Fatima and said to her, "O Fatima! Fadak is for you." (Kanzul Ummal, vol 2 page 158). Also my beloved brothers, in the commentary Al-Durrul Manthur, it has been narrated from Ibn Abbas that when this verse was revealed the Rasul saws gifted fadak to Fatima. (Al-Durrul Al-Manthur vol.4 page 177). Hakim Nishaburi has presented the same in his book, also Sharh of Nahjul Balagha of Ibn Hadid, vol.16, page 209, has presented the same in his book. Beloved there are numerous others that state this claim. Keep in mind two points, one, It has been reported by the mother of the believers that Fatima was angry with Abu Bakr over this incident, and she didnt speak to him anymore. Also remember what the Rasul saws is reported to have said,"Fatima is from me any who angers her has angered me and whoever angers me has also angered Allah." Both of these hadiths can be found in sahih muslim. Never will I say Fatima was wrong for not speaking to Abu Bakr, and as far as him I pray he made the right decesion for his sake for to wrong the daughter of the Rasul is a serious offense. Now I ask you both, if the Rasul gave anyone anything before he passed is it considered an inheritance after he is gone? All of you presented your proof to the first question, may Allah reward you. Salaam

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As far as hadeeth of kanzul ummal is concern , one need to know the chain to comment on its authenticity. Now coming back to 30:38 and its meaning : It does not mean whole of Fadak belongs to ahle bait but some part of it[i.e. earning from it] does go to Ahle bait. The distribution from Fadak is divided into several part and one part does go to Ahle bait and other parts go to the muslim community at the time. I could not find Ibn Abbas view in his own commentary Tanwīr al-Miqbās min Tafsīr Ibn 'Abbās for 30:38. There are hadeeth who are strong in chains which say otherwise.

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As far as anger with Abu Bakr is concern,then it's merely based on Fatima's{radiallaho anha]ijtihaad and yes she was correct to demand her share from him but she was wrong only in her ijtihaad as several others companion have wrongly interpeted few matters like matter of tawafulwada was wrongly interpreted by Zayd bin harith before Ibn Abbas corrected him,Aisha was wrong in her ijtihaad at some occasions like opposing the caliphate of Mawla Ali. So there were diff. of opinion among sahaba but they were nearly not as serious as some have started projecting in this current age. Allah knows best.

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Beloved again you are missing the point she demand her share, it was given to her I never have read anywhere that she was asking for a portion nor have I read that it was partially given to her. I think you are mixing up what it means for the khums and a gift which the proof says fadak was. This subject we can go on about, there are many other sunni sources that stands with the claim of Fatima. As far as the hadiths they are sound and when you weigh them against the book they coincide And any ijtihad that is not derived from the quran and authenticated sunnah must be rejected. Fatima brought

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her witnesses which was her husband and umm Ayemen and testified that fadak was given to her by her father she qouted quran and was denyed her gift not her inheritance. Still you have not answered my question, if it was given to her before the Rasul passed is it considered an inheritance. You and I both know it is not. And this us the problem of this incident. I'm glad to see that you are not one of those that think the sahabah didnt make mistakes, and this incident maybe one beloved. Find the the three or some have five things Abu Bakr said he regretted on his deathbed. Fadak is onefof them

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Why dont you go to the following link and detail yourself .....

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You stand on what your madhab has taught you and may you be rewarded,but we must look at both sides then find the strongest. You said the daughter of the Rasul saws was wrong, I say she was right and Allah be the judge. Salaam

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I understand now, about the difference of gift to inheritance, thanks yaqin. which he did but wished that he should not have done, was that he should not have insisted on Ali offering him allegiance as Caliph. The second thing was that when Faja'a Salmi was brought to him he should not have ordered him to be burnt alive, but should have killed him otherwise or let him free.another version of this: During the Rida (Apostasy) days, Abubakr sent Khalid ibn Walid to crush the Zakat rebellion, and this so-called "Sword of Allah" murdered several innocent Muslims. He committed lots of war crimes,

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The third thing was that he should not have accepted the caliphate, but should have seen that either Umar or Abu Ubaida were declared as the Caliph, and he should become a Minister to the Caliph. There is also another version of this, hadith Mukhtarat, claims to be sahih.

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Sister did you find the version that speaks of this incident as one of his regretts? Inshallah I will find it and post it. Thank you for your work may Allah bless you. Salaam

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My beloved brother, I went to your link annd I thank you for it, but I can send you to a link that would refute the shaykhs claims. For the sake of brotherhood I bow out I told you my position as you have stated yours. We can agree to disagree, Allah is the knower. Salaam

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so yaqin stirs the pot, and then bows out? y'all are funny.

yeah, cn anyone answer me this simple question. isn't it incumbent upon all muslims to have a will. is it not written in the koran (where we get it takes two women to equal one man) and there a hadith that says don't spend more than two nights without a written will.

so are y'all saying muhammad died without a will?

was he a do as i say not as i do, kind of guy?

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Mike I didnt stir the pot that was done hundreds of years ago, I present what is said, if one disagree for whatever reason what is the sense of beating a dead horse? May job is done once I give the facts. So the best thing to do is bow out, for at the end of the day he is my brother and I love him for the sake of Allah. You asked a very good question and I'm gonna let someone else answer. Salaam

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i guess i was projecting. it's me trying to stir the pot. anyway, what do YOU think the punishment for adultery is?

i don't anyone can answer my question above? (short of saying it was one of those ever present TESTS)

you know i was thinking that maybe muhammad did leave a will. a verbal one. and his two male witnesses where omar and abu bakr. maybe the plot thickens? peace

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@mikejm4 ...... I can answer every stupid thing you wrote but I will leave you with a verse of quran which says " And Allah guides whomsoever willet and HE guides not whomsoever willeth not ." I pray may Allah guide you...

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yes, i'm aware. actually i posted a guestion about that very concept. and a whole qadr think was debated. i learned alot. yes allah has sealed my heart, over my eyes is a veil, blah blah's as if i'm in a thunder storm at night. wondering in the's as if if kindled a fire but allah extinguished it...there is disease in my heart and allh allows it to increase.... yeah, i'm familar.

so you don't think it is possible that omar an abu were in cahoots? omar was the one who pledged to abu while poor ali was tending to muahmmad's body? right?

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This is what i understand now to be, that Muhammad did leave behind various forms of property. And for Fatima to be so angry tells me she perhaps was deservedly right to claim. As it states in the previous hadith, muslim,019,4351, sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4355: (It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: My heirs cannot share even a dinar (from my legacy); what I leave behind after paving maintenance allowance to my wives and remuneration to my manager is (to go in) charity.) that the wifes should of been given dues, and what was left would go into charity. There are many disputs and arguments after the death of Muhammad,saw, that Ali, r.a, kept alive the debate.

Sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4354:

…The Messenger of Allah said:" We do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is Sadaqa (charity)." The narrator said: She (Fatima) lived six months after the death of the Messenger of Allah and she used to demand from Abu Bakr her share from the legacy of the Messenger of Allah from Khaibar, Fadak and his charitable endowments at Medina. Abu Bakr refused to give her this, and said: I am not going to give up doing anything which the Messenger of Allah used to do. I am afraid that it I go against his instructions in any matter I shall deviate from the right course. So far as the charitable endowments at Medina were concerned, 'Umar handed them over to 'Ali and Abbas, but 'Ali got the better of him (and kept the property under his exclusive possession). And as far as Khaibar and Fadak were concerned 'Umar kept them with him, and said: These are the endowments of the Messenger of Allah (to the Umma). Their income was spent on the discharge of the responsibilities that devolved upon him on the emergencies he had to meet. And their management was to be in the hands of one who managed the affairs (of the Islamic State). The narrator said: They have been managed as such up to this day.

The Sunan of Abu Dawud, [8], adds the following details…

Sunan of Abu Dawud Book 19, Number 2961: Narrated Umar ibn al-Khattab: Malik ibn Aws al-Hadthan said: One of the arguments put forward by Umar was that he said that the Apostle of Allah received three things exclusively to himself: Banu an-Nadir, Khaybar and Fadak. The Banu an-Nadir property was kept wholly for his emergent needs, Fadak for travelers, and Khaybar was divided by the Apostle of Allah into three sections: two for Muslims, and one as a contribution for his family. If anything remained after making the contribution of his family, he divided it among the poor Emigrants.

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edited Dec 13 '13 at 15:36 site gives a better prospective on this issue. I deleted the last statements due to be of annoyance to a certain person. May Allah forgive me. It was not my thoughts or words, but a view of the conflict. Allah knows best.

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@abyadgirl you should have not deleted what you posted for if read it clearly you stated what it was, and it was not your words it was an opinion from a source on the topic. The everybody is wrong and I'm right is the problem. Some of what the brother says irratates me the difference is I keep it to myself as we all should do this is the proper adab. May Allah reward your for your efforts. Salaam

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@yaqin and @ abdyagirl.....

I have a problem with the statement " Muhammad was wrong and Ali corrected him ." .... Now who said that ? may be some scholar , right ? Lets assume it that someone said that.... Lets compare with what Allah said : I will give the reference and you just go and read.. Surah Najm 53:2,3 Surah Al-Hashr 59:7 Surah Al-Anaam 6:50 Surah Al-Nisa 4:113 [.... and Allah has sent down upon you the Book and WISDOM, AND TAUGHT YOU ALL THAT YOU NOT KNOW]

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Al-Ahzaab 33:36 - And NO MUSLIM has any right in the affair, when ALLAH AND HIS MESSENGER have decreed a command regarding it; and whoever DOES NOT OBEY the COMMAND OF ALLAH AND HIS MESSENGER, HAS INDEED CLEARLY GONE VERY ASTRAY. Al-Nisa 4:59 ..... "if there is a DISPUTE amongst you concerning any matter,REFER IT TO ALLAH AND ITS MESSENGER FOR JUDGEMENT IF YOU FEAR ALLAH AND LAST DAY this is better and has the best outcome". . Now It's all from quran and no need to check the chain of narration and now ask from your heart " DO YOU STILL BELIEVE PROPHET WAS WRONG AND NON PROPHET CORRECTED HIM ?"

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And finally yes even I admit that the approach that " The everybody is wrong and I'm right is the problem " is indeed a problematic approach but the following approach is a part of IMAN that " EVERYBODY CAN BE WRONG BUT OUR BELOVED PROPHET MOHAMMAD [ PEACE BE UPON HIM] IS ALWAYS RIGHT ".....

May Allah send peace blessing and salutation on our beloved master Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him] and his family and his companions ....Ameen


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@Ahmadomar you are correct the Rasul saws is always correct, I agree with this wholeheartly, keep in mind the incident that has been reported that when the Yahud asked the Rasul saws to do a janaza and umar told him not to do it, the Rasul saws did it and Allah told him umar was correct. Remember that? Now if this tradition is correct than why can't this happen. And I'm not saying it is I'm just asking a question. Salaam

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Firstly that was not the matter of law in which Prophet [peace be upon him] erred and Umar corrected him unlike what you people think that he[peace be upon him] was unaware of inheritance law and Ali corrected him. Secondly It was like showing a mercy to munafiqun due to his nature of showing mercy even to his foes which Allah did not like.The disikeness of Allah is not because he [peace be upon him]erred in judgement or islamic law and Allah corrected him but because Allah did not like that he [peace be upon him] pray for munafiqun as Allah dont like to unanswer his [peace be upon him] prayer

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nor Allah blessed is He want to forgive munafiqun [refer 4:145]. Correcting the person who erred in Islamic jurisprudence is something else and reprimanding someone not to show mercy to munafiqun was something else as it is inherent nature of Prophet (peace be upon him) to forgive even his foes [Like incident of taif and incident of Meccah when he [peace be upon him] said that :" It's not the day of revenge but instead a day of forgiveness ]... And We did not send you except as a mercy for the entire world[21:107].. Hope you understood the difference... Wassalaam....

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You are funny brother read what i said i was just asking a question I agreed with you and the diffrence is well known by me. You said you people as if the sister and I agree with the scholar that she posted on a topic.we was discussing. For the record we don't she told she didnt agree and I told you. Now I pray you understood. Salaam

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The statement made was " Muhammad [Peace be upon him] was wrong and Ali corrected him or at other instant Umar corrected and Allah went with Umar's judgement."...... If you both just made an statement but DISAGREE WITH IT , then its OK and I AM SORRY for overstretched discussion but if you GO BY THE STATEMENT then I disagree with your understanding. Wassalaam Allah knows the best

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Al hamdulilahee we are in agreement. Salaam

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Asalaam o alaikum, again about this inheritance. I have had a problem getting my head around the disputes and the kind of contradictions within the Hadiths. Do we know if these Hadiths are strong or weak. Yes it Fadak was given as a gift/ inheritance before she died. I sense the anger and the huniliation that Fatima, emits, and in my mind it tells me she was so right to make an uproar. I have had this dua, sermon of Fatimas for a while and just read it again. Now this gives the perspective from her own mouth. Here is just the segment regarding inheritance.

**O Muslims! Will my inheritance be usurped?

O son of Abu Quhafa! Where is it in the Book of Allah that you inherit your father and I do not inherit mine?

Surely you have come up with an unprecedented thing.

Do you intentionally abandon the Book of Allah and cast it behind your back?

Do you not read where it says: And Sulaiman inherited Dawood'?

And when it narrates the story of Zakariya and says:

`So give me an heir as from thyself (One that) will inherit me, and inherit the posterity of Yaqoob' And:

`But kindred by hood have prior rights against each other in the Book of Allah'

And: Allah (thus) directs you as regards your children's (inheritance) to the male, a portion equal to that of two females'

And, If he leaves any goods, that he make a bequest to parents and next of kin, according to reasonable usage;

this is due from the pious ones.' You claim that I have no share!

And that I do not inherit my father! What!

Did Allah reveal a (Quranic) verse regarding you, from which He excluded my father?

Or do you say: `These (Fatima and her father) are the people of two faiths, they do not inherit each other?!'

Are we not, me and my father, a people adhering to one faith?

Or is it that you have more knowledge about the specifi­cations and generalizations of the Quran than my father and my cousin (Imam Ali)?

So, here you are! Take it! (Ready with) its nose rope and saddled!

But if shall encounter you on the Day of Gathering;

(thus) what a wonder­ful judge is Allah, a claimant is Muhammad, and a day is the Day of Rising.

At the time of the Hour shall the wrongdoers lose;

and it shall not benefit you to regret (your actions) then!

For every Message, there is a time limit; and soon shall ye know who will be inflicted with torture that will humiliate him,

and who will be confronted by an everlasting punishment. (Fatima then turned towards the Ansars and said:)

O you people of intellect! The strong supporters of the nation!

And those who embraced Islam; What is this short-coming in defending my right?

And what is this slumber (while you see) injustice (being done toward me)?

Did not the Messenger of Allah, my father, used to say:

A man is upheld (remembered) by his children'?

O how quick have you violated (his orders)?!

How soon have you plotted against us?

But you still are capable (of helping me in) my attempt, and powerful (to help me) in that which I request and (in) my pursuit (of it).

Or do you say: "Muhammad has perished;"** for the full version.

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The problem is chain. I hope you know how in sunni Islam hadeeth are authenticated [i.e. Sahih], Hasan and weakened [i.e. daeef] and lastly mawdoo[Fabricated or lie ]. Its all depend on chain of narrators and their biography [ilm of asmau rijaal]which scholars like Suyuti ,Ibn Hajr, Haythami,Tirmidhi ,etc [and list is long ] have done. You cant accept anything and everything written on net. I"ll make a site and will post any sermon of Prophet saying anything and ask you to accept , so will u accept? Offcourse No ? You"ll ask its authenticity? Right? So where is the chain for the above sermon ?

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This is the problem , if we tends to accept anything written anywhere then neither Abu Bakr/Umar/Usman/Aisha/Hafsa are left nor even our Prophet (peace be upon him] be spared.... Our esteemed scholars have rejected such things as Imam shafi'ee have said that I have never seen a fabricator of hadeeth more than one in Rafidee. Remember the riwayat of Sulaym bin Qays of Al-Sagheera [Another big fabrication to malign Umar]. Why not accept that as well ? Lets accept their commentary of 24:11 to 24:23 so that we may malign even Aisha. Lets accept their claim that Aisha and Umar poisoned Prophet.

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See their Principal is simple , Loyalty to Maula Ali [Alaihe salaam] is what matters , Loyalty to Prophet [peace be upon him] does not matter. Quran says : "Ad khalul jannata antum wa AZWAAJKUM" ... Enter in paradise You [o!Prophet] and your WIVES....

Now if somebody says that Aisha [radiallaho anha] is a Kafira [naudhubillah] and will burn in hellfire [naudhubillah] by some cooked up stories then it is upto you to decide whom you give more weight ? Quran or stories....

Why is Allah didnot inform his nabi[peace be upon him] that he was poisoned by Aisha? when the same Allah have informed

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Noah and Lut [peace be upon them both] that their wives are trangressors [ even though they are not giving poisoned but only disobeying them].... Tell me is trying to kill the Prophet by poisoning him is a bigger sin or to disobey him... Instead prophet[peace be upon him]decide to breathe his last in the lap of one poisoning him ? Mind blowing ? You now why all this because she fought Ali [alaihe salaam] in jung e jamaal.... Got my point ? Loyalty to Maula Ali [Alaihe salaam] is what matters , Loyalty to Prophet [peace be upon him] does not matter. Aisha was wrong in her IJTIHAAD when she

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opposed the caliphate of Ali but no way it will make her a KAFIRA. Opposing a caliphate of Ali is not more important then saying SHAHADAH ,and if it is that way then show where in Quran such things are mentioned? Same goes with sadaqat of AbuBakr which quran testifies in Surah Hujurat and in Surah Al-Lail [92:7 , Tafseer ibnAbbas,Ibn Kathir,Al-Jalalayn]. Now if somebody cooked up thing ,then what one can say. All this I have written to make you realise that where you are going wrong. As far as above post is concerned,then bring the chain first and then we will discuss. Wassalaam Allahu aalim

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@abyadgirl beloved, I told you in a comment about the difference with the sahih sitta and al kafi the shia collections of hadith. This sermon is found in al kafi, so the system of ilm rijal adopted by the scholars is not implemented so the sunni donot accept it, it is a fabrication. The sad thing is that the shia say the say thing about most of the hadith collected. I told you what has been reported by the blessed mother of the believers in sahih muslim and that being Blessed Fatima died angry with Abu Bakr, I also quoted what is reported that our blessed messenger said saws, that being Fatima is from me and whoever angers fatima angers me and whoever angers me angers Allah. Maligning the sahabah is not right, but pointing out their mistakes is not wrong. Many muslims have not grasp this concept and those that are upon calling them kufr based off their mistakes are wrong, for we are all subjected to make mistakes. Allah and his messaenger are infalliable, anyone else does not fall into this catergory. Abu bakr was in error for confiscating fadak, for it was already in her possession when her father returned to Allah. The proof from sunni sources confirm this and Allah is the judge on the day inwhich there is no doubt. Salaam

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@persiangulf I ask you read this debate and give me your insight

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