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Which circumstances masturbation is allowed ?

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If you are at risk of committing fornication/ zina pretty soon,at that time it be allowed according to some scholars.

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is it haram?

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yes very haram there was a man wounded at a batle and asked the prophet if he can masturbate since if he got wet his wounds would hurt very much the prophet still said to take a shower and the man had to and was in extreme pain but the prophet said you could have done it even with a cloth so your pain wouldnt be so much

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dear nesreen ,i dint get u?what u meant by dat curious to knw,wat was that incident!jazakallah khair

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i think i read it in sahih muslim the prophet didnt let him masturbate even under the condition that he was injured n war and hi wounds would hurt if he took a bath and he gave him the soulution of using a wt cloth instead to shower so as you see the prophet really wanted his ummah to do anything in order to avoid doing this

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