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Is it for dominant one to be husband in marriage my husband and father and mother in law say that it is so and as such I have to wear what clothing husband say it is sharia law

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Salam, The law of sharia is " There is no obedience of creation[ i.e. human beings} if the creator { i.e. Allah} is disobeyed." So , if husband want to make you wear any such dress in public which is against the Islamic sharia then it is not to be obeyed but if that dress is within Islamic dress code for women , and you are not wearing that because you simply dislike to wear than in that case it is better to follow what your husband say or else you may sit together and discuss it .... But if the dress mentioned by your husband is haraam in itself for women to wear then he is not to be obeyed as his obedience will lead to disobedience of Allah and his messenger (peace be upon him)... Allah knows best

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