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am a muslim girl and i'm 23.I had loved a guy who is muslim and he is 22.he was younger than me(1 yr 3 months) , can i marry him or not?how can i marry? will it able to do that or not?please tell me the reason for that is not the case. I want to know the better answer in islam.

Khuda Hafiz

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Wa ‘alaykum al-salaam, there is no reason why you cannot get married if this is your only concern. Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam married Khadijah (RA) and the age difference between the two was much greater than what you are worrying about. May Allah subhana wa ta' ala bless your marriage.

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you can get married. The Prophet (Saw) was 25 and Khadijah (ra) 40 when they got married. However, you will need you Wali (normally your parents) to agree to the marriage.


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