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So I recently I have been repenting alot, making dua, even making dua on Friday during the hour which your dua is accepted, repenting during prayer while I am prostrating and also repenting just before I sleep. But right now, I've been starting to think if Allah has been accepting my dua or not. How does one know if dua has been accepted? How does one know that Allah has forgiven his sins after his servant has repented to him? I've read many hadiths that speak about the all-forgiving Allah, and the mercy the Allah shows onto his servants. But how does one know that his sins have been forgiven?

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Aslaam o alaikum, Brother, sins are forgiven when the person is ready by the will of Allah. they can be immediate or in time. It might not seem evident, or it might come as a whirlwind. This is the faith and trust in Allah that can break a man or make him stronger. The fact is never to give up HOPE. Patience and perseverance are key here. Repentance is a life long thing we endure and have to keep up. Prophet Muhammad,saw, always repented, no matter what, until his last hour.

These are the barriers that affect duas from being answered.

1) wearing haram clothes

2) Not saying Bismillah before eating

3) Doing haram things

4) Taking alchahol, drugs, tablets and pills

5) Taking bribes

6) comsuming riba

Like health, we are not cured instantly, like wise with duas, we can not expect instant answers. The answers may have come and gone without you realising. Allah works in mysterious ways. Do not have any doubts.

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Hamdulilah I haven't been going near doing any of the barriers, thank you for your answer.

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