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Q: Can wife suck husband penis, if he wishes? Q: Can husband lick/kiss wife pussy, if she wishes?

I have known from different Islamic website that it is not haram, please advise?

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Brother once you will start that act and you will get excited and after that one may ejaculate inside mouth or women gets excited and vaginal fluid may enter ones mouth which causes prohibition...... If all the precaution is taken that impurity after orgasm does not enter ones mouth then it is makruh [ i.e. disliked] in shariah and therefore avoided....

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You are talking about Oral sex. Oral sex in itself is not haraam as long as impurity and filth does not reaches ones mouth and stomach. If impurity like sperm or vaginal fluid reaches your stomach then it is haraam [Prohibited] else it is makruh [disliked] and therefore better to avoid it. Refer to the book - Islamic perspective on sexual relation by Mufti Muhammad Adam Ibn Kawthar....

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and if both are agree before doing this act, both clean/wash that part and there is no impurity like sperm or vaginal fluid then can start? and that part is also dry, then both can start Oral sex? Please advise?

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