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Did prophet Muhammad (PBUH) name Ali as his successor when he died?

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Salaam, the question is not whether he named him for according to those that are shia there are plenty of hadith found in the sahih sitta that states this. The question is should we as muslims allow this to cause division among the ummah. This is the trick of the shaytan, now in my opinion to answer your question this was done by the Rasul saws and I'm basing this off of the textual proof from both sides of the arguement. Now what happened I believe was a test for those of then and now. May Allah protect this ummah. Salaam

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@inclined2truth brother what you said is very true and most are not privy to this fact. May Allah reward you.salaam

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there is a degree below the nobowa/prophecy called al-welaya/ally/friendship (awliyaa/allies of Allah) and that was given to Ali radiya Allahou 3anhou wa karrama wag-hou. (and Allah knows better).

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