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There is a non muslim married girl who is ready to accept islam and almost accepted and now she belive in ALLAH. but she has not enough courage to come in front of her non muslim husband and her family and can not left him because her family is dependent on her husband. can we called her muslim?

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Asalaam o alaikum, If this women has taken Shahadah, then yes she is a muslim. If she has Allah in her heart and knows the truth,then she is a muslim in the making.

Question is, is her husband aware of her knowing about Islam, and wanting to become muslim?

Can she talk to her husband and see if he is willing to accept Islam.?

Is her family dependent financially on her husband?

Can she walk away solely and leave the family and husband to carry on with their affairs.?

This women fears for the dunya of this life, and fears she will lose all that she has. She needs to know the hereafter is where life really counts. If she is brave enough and strong enough on the truth of Islam, she should have no fear. For Allah Almighty will give her something better in return, inshaAllah.

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If someone say the shahada/witnessing by His tongue after his/her heart believed it, "la ilaha illa Allah- Muhammad Rasoul-Allah" then he/she is muslim.

and actually Islam started in secret, she just need to believe everything prophet Muhammad the messenger sala Allahou 3alayhi wa sallam came with even if she do not practice it yet.

for example some muslim might be drinking alcohol for example and know that this is haram and confess that he is sinner(and deserve punish) but he is weak and seek Allah to give him the power to stop alcohol in his intention then he is still considered muslim but a sinner muslim. (and if he do not pray then he is still muslim but a disobedient muslim)

while someone else might not drink alcohol even but he think alcohol is not haram/unlawful in Islam, even he pray and fast and say the shahada then he is called kafir because he deny what Allah commanded via His messenger.

May Allah pleases her by Him as she believed in Him.. and please let her not forget us in her du3aa. and may Allah reward you well/good for helping her.

Salaamou alaikum

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