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Salam wi alakum brothers and sisters, I never used to know alot of details about the deen, im a muslim sunni hamdilla and i have been getting closer and feeling closer to allah (sat) hamdilla, i was wondering if you would face consequences after life and i mean "deep consequences" if you made dirty money, dealt with the wrong crowds, and did alot of haram , can allah (sat) forgive you for your sins even though some things that you do and you know its haram ? ive learnt my lessons and none of it isnt worth it at alll, hamdilla i have backed out from everything, i wasnt fully aware of anything for the past couple years as in i wasnt there (sober), i also have alot of belongings from the haram such as clothes money cars and what not, would i have to get rid of them or do something about it ? i would appreciate a good answer

Another question is during the times that i pray or study more about the deen i hear voices in my head that are kufur and sayings as in do this or do that or stop praying, i dont have the heart to say those words out, is this something normal that would usually happen with everyone else ?

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Asalam o alaikum, glad to hear you are back on the deen, even though you seem to be acquiring problems. Firstly, regarding, debts, riba or stolen items, You need to think of returning, destroying and paying back. If you go to your local scholar, they will have ingenious ways of dealing with this type of thing. For instance, if you stole an item from a shop, then take that item back to the shop, and just leave it there. If you no longer have the item, then go and purchase something for the same price and just leave the item in the shop.It takes a bit of imagination and dearing to do this kind of thing, but it is best to dispose of or to relinquish by means such as this, and you will feel a releif and a burden lifted from you.

Make much dua and seek repentance for your past deeds, and keep on doing so,with great sincerity, Allah is most Forgiving and Merciful.

Regarding the voices, I think you should try reciting the few duas associated with Ruqya. Al Fatiha, then Ayatal Kursi, 255 of Surah Al Baqara, and the various ayats of Al Jinn. Keep on repeating these Ayqats and see if you have a reaction to them. You need to have good pronunciation of Arabic. If not then get a friend , or someone who can pronounce correctly to do it over you.There are many Ayats used for this, and if you feel any extreme or slight distaste or physical twitching to these verses, then you must do this regular, every muslim should to keep protected. It is up to you weather you seek professional Ruqya or not.

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Allah will forgive any sins between you and Him(if He will). but between you and people, by His justice He will not forgive until the one you injusted forgive or have his right back.

Especially about money it should be clean, if you could not bring it back ot its people then I think you should not use it in feeding yourself and family better use it as charity.(and Allah knows better)

for the wiswass while praying shaytan is running from us as the run of our blood and he do not take rest from whispering/wiswas to us, and the most appearing situation in which we realize his whispering is when we are standing in front of Allah, if our mind is not clean from world affairs and filled with Allah's remembrance/light then shaytan will come to us and bring all the worldly ideas to us.. salah is the real measure if you want to know your heart is carrying Allah or something else.. so you should learn how to fight the ego from which satan enter and (to control and use fairly your powers of shahwa/desires and the powers of anger, use fairly these powers and do not cut them)(or by another word the internal image which is known as characters/manners that prophet Muhammad came and said I came to complete/perfect the good manners) and then fill it with Allah's remembrance after you repent/return to Him escaping away from the sins and immigrating to Him.. and then if you found whispers you will say "A3ouzou billahi min-ashaytaan errajeem) as there is a shaytan that his mission is to whisper to us while praying, and Allah will let him go away and then you will see by Allah's light.. as your Spirit will enjoy Allah's nearness/relation/light which is better than all the worlds and whatever in it, as to be/stay with the giver of gifts is surely better than staying with the gifts.

May Allah give accept you in His righteous servants and give you the power on His remembering and thanking Him and right/good obedience to Him.

wassalaamou alaikoum

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