i'm still confused as to what zina is? is it both fornication and adultery or just fornication? and when is someone to be stoned as opposed to lashed 100 times. or if stoning has been eliminated or rather should be eliminated?

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*need to be answered *

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Hello mike,

Mike please click the link below to find an answer for your question.




Jazakallah krie

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thanks bibi,

but you do see my confusion. first guy says stoning, second guy 100 lashes. thanks for the effort, but i'm no further along in knowing than before. i guess we'll just call it old school vs new school.

can i ask you, what do you think?

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Salam bro.

I understand your confusion. I believe the term zina is used to express both adultery and sexual intercourse indulged in by individuals who have never been married before.

The punishment of lashing and then a one year exile is meant for those who have never been married before but commit zina.

For those who are married or have once been married (widows/widowers and divorcees), the punishment for zina is the stoning. But even then, they must confess to the crime and submit to the punishment.

I hope this helps bro. May Allah forgive any error I have made in answering your question

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thanks boss, so those who say the 24th surah arbogated the stoning in the hadiths are wrong.

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Hey mike,

Salamu alaikum wa rahmutallahi wa baraktuhu dear brother and sister.

(Belive without knowledge from the Quran)

At first I thought that stoning were really bad and it a painful way to kill someone, I also thought that non of us should killed others because it is sinful as it mention in Quran and the person who killed other will be live his entire life in hell! Before I didn't have any knowledge about Zana that what I was thinking, I was also had thought that one of Allah name is the forgiving and Allah say I will forgive those servant of mine who repent and ask for forgiveness accept from ones who join partner with me. There was a lots of things which made me against stoning for example instead of stoning someone ,why would you force then at first place to merry some who they didn't want it and if one commits Zana you should advice them not stone them.

( gain knowledge from Quran about zana)

After those thought I didn't want to say something that will hurt others Muslim and that I will spoiled my life with my own hand so what I did was I search I talk to someone and I ask them everything, I ask them why did Allah give permission to Muslim to stoned others? To be honest there was a lots of answer for my question but they told me there only way where we can decrease people like them to stoned them while other watching them , in this way others can learn a lesson, Brother if Allah didn't allowed people to be stoned then there would had been a lots of women who were becoming pregnant and then the man left their wife behind by them self and that women didn't have anyone to support them,so children would have been born without father and then this would have effect the children in many way, we should remember that there is no person in face of earth who is 100% good because every person have negative and positive side. Mike or reader there is a lots of things why Allah allowed stoning and other kind if punishment, we shows first research about those punishment and then answer other according to islam. Please correct me if I am wrong. Islam is 100% correct and peaceful but it us the Muslim who are practising it wrong because we sometime mixed culture with Islam and that why some people blamed islam for it instead of Muslim. I would also like to mention this that some of atheist would not belive what islam say abd s/he is going to be against everything that Allah says, I have seen some many people who has a lots of knowledge about Islam but they can't practise it because they have given so many power to devil that he is trying to control his/her entire life. My belove brother and sister please don't get me wrong because I am saying what it say in Quran and I am trying to remind you all what is mention in Quran, please forgive me if my word hurt you


Jazakallah krie

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