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can we follow any one of the Islamic school of thought to practice Islam?

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Read the Quran and follow the Sunnah. That is best. If you want to follow a madhab then go ahead. But only follow what you believe is right. Don't let others put bull in your head.

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"Don't follow a madhab, follow the Qur'an and Sunna" is a silly and empty slogan. All the madhabs claim and aspire to follow the Qur'an and Sunna. There is no Sunni Muslim on earth, irrespective of what madhab or "manhaj" he follows, that would suggest that we should not follow the Qur'an and Sunna.

In the better part of the last millennium, "Ahle-Sunna w'al Jam`ah" meant a Sunni Muslim who follows either the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, or Hanbali madhab.

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you should not follow any school of thout you should follow the Quran and sunnah which will lead you to straight path

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that is why i said not to specifaccly follow one school of though but choose the most approriate one for the matter being

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bt my doubt is that should we practice any 1of the schools thought blindly ,without searching for the opinion that is more coinciding vd the sunnah?some says the case of wudu we discusd imam shafi say wudu vil break if we touch females,but hanafi nt thnk so.u cn c a verse in surah nisaa saying about touch.ths "touch"means sxual relatnshp nt mere touch.because in the quran itself u can c an ayah as the saying of holy maryam,hw would i get pregnant ,i din t touch a man.for refrence see dr.zakir naiks speech-unity in muslim ummah-in you tube.and tel ur opinion pls.

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i belive so because the differences are small they differate on things like if somthing is makrooh or haram there isnt anything to the point where one school says is halal and the other haram we were discussing in some of the questions below about beards and i said how some schools think its makrooh and the others haram but we all belive its sunnah we talked about shaking the opposite genders hand and some say your wudu is broken the others say its not but we all belive its wrong to shake a non-mahrams hand so we have much more similarities than differences although my mother tells me we are this school of thought and try to look for lectures to do with that school i really dont think it matters i see all of their opinions and choose the one that seems its the middle opinion as in not extreme and not weak because as i said before islam is a religion of i3tidal we are not extremist nor are we a weak faith go with what seems most appropriate to you and what would be somthing that you wont regret on judgment day

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