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A mother has got two sons.They both send her money separately on regular basis for her upkeep.If the mum manages to save some of the money over a period of few months does that money become hers.My question is can the mother give some of the money to one of her daughters and even to one of her sons.As the mother thinks her that daughter and son need that money more than her other kids.

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If you have given your mother the money stating that it is your , then she has full right on that money and she can give that to anyone she wants or do whatever she want from it as It"ll be treated as her gift from you.

If you have given her saying that safeguard this money for me , like as you keep you money on bank and you dont intend to give it to bank owner similarly you are just keeping your money to your mother then without your permission she can not use that.

As you have mentioned in your quest : " for her upkeep" i.e. the money is send to her for herself and not to safeguard it for you or keep it safe for you then your mother has a right on the money and she can do whatever she wants and you cant force her , although you can advice her.....

Now if she dont agree with your advice and then you will upheld the money and wont give it then remember you will be a sinner as you should take care of your mother and should not dictate terms to her and be nice to her. Mother is much more important than money..... Wassalaam Allah knows best

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