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Assalam Waalikum.

I am muslim guy but my believe is not that strong. I always used islam for my own benefits. Today I am in a position that I am completely confused.

I am in a relationship with a girl since last 2 years and we did zina many times with both of our consents and we have a plan to get married; now nothing is working out she is saying that she lost love in me and she can't marry me or be with me because she doesn't loves me anymore.

And she also told me that she don't want to use the sex as the main reason for getting married she believes that to marry me she needs to love me first.

I am afraid that if she will marry someone that guy will easily know that she is not virgin and she might get divorced. For me I still like that girl and I want to get married with her asap before committing any other haram thing.

She is saying that she will repent with allah but as far as I know her she is also not that good in Islamic practices. That is what I am afraid off.

Please advise me what should do now in this case? Should I talk to her parents or should I talk to her again?

Please advise me. I don't want to get married with any other accept her because we did had sex and i genuinely love her. I believe that the love can be back between us because it's all about spending time together.

Please advise.

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Wa alaykum salam dear brother.

May Allah guide us all and make it easy for us to live within the limits He has laid down for us.

The reason u want to get married to the sister u mentioned is because u still love her and u feel since u have been sexually intimate with her it makes sense to remain with her. Your love for the sister is in my opinion one good reason to want her to be your wife, although love alone cannot see one through difficult times in a marriage. However, the fact that you have been sexually intimate with each other may not be a good reason for marriage. The way to atone for having committed a sin is by seeking Allah's forgiveness and resolving not to repeat the undesirable act. Marrying the sister does not atone for the sin committed and is not a good foundation upon which to build a marriage.

I can appreciate your hesitation in leaving this sister but it will be in the interest of u both if u let her be. The prophet (SAW) has told us that the best reason to marry is for piety. I implore you to increase your taqwa of Allah and then marry a sister whom u not only love but who is also pious. I mention this my brother because u said the sister is not good in Islamic practices.

May Allah guide u aright. Remember to observe istikhara prayer for guidance.

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