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Minor girl or (Primary amenorrhea) girl are it allowed or not.

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Small girl means under 18? marriage

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Marriage may be allowed but consummation is only allows once girl reaches puberty as proven from Prophet (peace be upon him).... Amenorrhea is a medical term which means the absence of a woman's menstrual period during her reproductive age...... So if a girl reached reproductive age and still not menstruate then marriage is allwoed as proven from following verse of Surah Talaq : [Talaq 65:4] And for those of your women who have no hope of menstruation, if you doubt, the appointed period is three months - AND ALSO FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT YET HAD MENSTRUATION; and the appointed period for the pregnant women is up to the time they deliver their burden; and whoever fears Allah – Allah will create ease for him in his affairs......

So Allah is talking about divorce of girls undergoing amenorrhea , and divorce only happens post marriage and hence marriage is allowed for such girls and consummation of marriage is also allowed as well with girls reached the age of reproduction.....

Allah knows the best

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