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kindly tell me what is the meaning of salveen "سلوين" is this ok for muslims girls. thanks

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Salaam , It seems to be a non-Arabic non urdu word as I could not find any such Arabic name on internet.. Salween seems to be a word in Thai,Burmese culture/language [There is a river in Thailand called Salveen]... In Burmese language Salveen means ANGRY RIVER which is no good name. Moreover if you look at internet you will find many FB or Twitter profile with girls having name Salveen but most of them are either Hindu/Punjabi or south Asian , thus its not a muslim name and better to stay away..... Anyways I dont think it will be haraam to keep such name but definitely not recommended. Better keep names from Islamic history ..... May Allah bless your girl from Iman Allahu aalim

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brother i have checked on muslim name website and i didnt get this islamic name. is this arabic name?

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