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As Salam I bid... I am a muslim in serious need of answers as I am very troubled over an article that Ive recently read concerning the entirety of the Quran.During the time of Uthman, it is said that there are missing verses that are not included inside the current Quran due to the death of those who have memorised them during the wars. Plus, the article further stated another point regarding the evolutionary process of the quran from the time of Uthman as compared with ours today. This can be proven through the verses that are found on the writings at the dome of rock. Such findings are very concerning towards my aqidah. And I am in need of clear answers to such puzzle. Masya Allah, I seek guidance from those who can offer. May Allah bless your soul. :'(

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The hadith that mentions this is classed as weak, and it actually refers to the Bible. It should not even of said the Quran, but should of been said as the Book, Bible.

The Quran is sacred and divinely protected.

Watch this short video and the explaination is made.

answered 3488 abyadgirl's gravatar image What you have read are all lies made by the christians and the jews to make people turn away from islam, Watch this clip and inshaAllah you will feel better.

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