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Is marriage obligatory in Islam?

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The scholars differ in this regard some say it is obligatory and some say it is recommended

Those who say it is recommended are more correct which is Imam Maliki, because there is no evidence where it is says it is obligatory, and also one can not deny that there has to be a marriage contract because Allah says, [Marry of the woman whom seem good to you] [4 v3]

However those who say it is obligatory are correct but with a condition and that is when he or she can not control their self due to sexual desires then in this case it becomes obligatory on that person to marry as soon as they can because the whole point is for them to not to commit Zina which is one of the great major sins which is punishable.

My dear sister, it is best for you to get married because your letting the shaitan influence you in to making you think marriage is a terrible thing and tells you to stay away from it whiles Allah invites you to what is good and Allah but the shaitan is calling you to all that is bad and evil so you can end up in hell fire with him, so you see my dear sister, follow the advice of your Lord and do not run away from the Halal clean acts and ways which are beloved to Allah, so please your Lord and anger the shaitan by obeying Allah and disobeying the shaitan. Allah knows best

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marrige is a mercy on the brothers of islam and together we help eachother using this contract and and what you gain is children a house a loving husband (who buys you stuff) but it is optional to get married Allah wouldnt make it obligory when marium alleha assalam didnt marry and she was the best of all women if there is no good muslim brothers to marry then please dont settle but if a nice proposal comes along dont say no just because you feel somthing bad will happen you need to give people a chance the majority of men arent bad to their wives only the minority are but if you also are feeling the need of a man for desire you should marry thats human nature and do not commit sins of zina it would be a mercy for you and that special man if you marry and also its sunnah:)

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JAZAKALLAH for ur help atleast now have a clear view regarding the obligations and advice's :)

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No, it is not obligatory for you to get married. It's your choice completely. But I understand why there would be a lot of pressure on you. People want you to get married, to have kids etc... I mean, sure, there are always going to be horrible marriages and there is always going to be lovely ones. I've heard of people who get bitten by sharks out at Sea. This does not mean that I will never go to Sea.

Hope this was of help.

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