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Assalamu alaikum

I was traveling in a bus. I recite "BISMILLAH". but some mistake occurred and I wish to repeat bismi. at that time I found out a lady sitting besides me, watching me. I suddenly embarrassed and act as I was singing a song. I pronounced some words like 'bi bi bi bis bis' etc. after that I understood that I am sinning. because I am making mistakes in the recitation of bismi. I immediately recited bismi. then my mind dwell in a thought that is the mistake in the recitation of bismi is an intentionally occurred sin? does it cause to change the meaning? I want to repent soon. but I couldn't do it. I trapped under the devil. I repented after 1 hour. how can I repent now? i know making mistakes intentionally in the recitation of qur'aan is an act which leads to apostasy. so what is the rule in my case?

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Ofcourse its not Apostacy! This is clear.

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Assalamualaikum sister

What you did was in no way, shape or form apostasy!!

Subhanallah, what stops you from repenting? Allah is the Most Forgiving and loves to forgive His slaves.

Let everyone reading this do tawba from their sins and resolve to be better servants of Allah NOW

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so what is apostasy? and what is the punishment in the religion of tolerance?

(Dec 20 '13 at 15:20) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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