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my claimed to paying me $50,000 in exchange for my two vechiles he is a religous person anc practices daily and hasc done so all his life, he is a haj. i only repented in 2011, my repuation doesnt stan a chance against his, on 27th november 2011, he claimes to have me the totlal sum 0f 50,000 and thus the cars now belong to him. my parents know that he didnt, however they are supporting his version to protect his reputation among hthe family and the community. My wife, witnesses my brother, my mother and my father all saying that i have recieved the total sum, she believes them blindly, and since that day til today, they all still belive him, this caused my divorce. my parents refuse to speak the truth and save my marriage and three children. My parents will not allow my brother to discuss this with me, they refuse to present evidence of the transaction or other. my relatives now all know this issue we have and they all believe him instantly, as h has a good repuation and also my parentns are sharing the same torey. What does Allah say my parents must do in this situation? What does Allah say my brother must do in this situation? Am i allowed in Islam to sue my brother in a local court

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Brother in Islam. This is very oppressive to you and sensitive because it has affected your family life. I suggest you contact mufti Desai by googling Ask Imam questions and answers you will get into contact with him.You will also find his phone contact. It is important to deal with this situation as it is oppressive. Allah hears the call of the oppressed person and have faith that Allah will guide you. Mufti Desai is a good adviser and can advise you on how to tackle the situation bearing in mind the fami.y and the legal aspects.

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