is it compulsory for an imaam while leading faraz prayers to have his head covered????

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No It is not compulsory but it comes in the adab and a part of sunnah...... There is a hadeeth in which Prophet (peace be upon him) did imamate and he took out his Imama and placed it in front of him and offer salaah.... This shows the permissibility of offering salah and doing imamate without covering your head... But most of the time Prophet (peace be upon him) offered salah with Imamah/turban and hence it is better to offer salaah with your head covered..... Wassalaam Allah knows the best

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It is sunnah muaqadah highly recommended that one covers the head in salah, but if one does not it is no sin for as the brother has stated it is permissable. Salaam

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