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people are walking over me.and i want to fight for myself what can i do..

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Assalaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah, dear brother, it seems that you need to learn to be more assertive in your everyday dealings with people. You will need to read up about assertiveness and then try to relearn how to interact effectively. This will take some time and it will not happen overnight. I have surfed the web and found a couple of links but you may choose to seek out your own articles.

Also, turn to Allah azza wal jall and seek His help through dua. May Allah guide you to overcome this problem.

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Prophet Muhammad said, "I was sent to complete/perfect the best of morality manners(good characters)." and Allah ta3ala witnessed to him in Quran; "And indeed, you are of a great moral character." (68:4). and he used to say that "the most weighty deeds is the good manners." and notice that our worship to Allah is part of it when treating with Him and another part is in our relation with people in the way which will please Him.

now we want to know what are the good manners? it is always the middle between every two edges of characters. not extreme into this side nor extreme into that side. in anger if it is too much then it is bad and if it is totally cut then it is also bad. in desires of eating and intercourse too.

or by another word, we should use the light of KNWLEDGE in being FAIR in using the powers of ANGER and the powers of DESIRES. that is like the straight path of the hereafter but in this world which is like sharper than the sword and finer than a hair.. and people will be passing upon it depend on their light(of knowledge and good deeds).

always see are you fighting for your self which like the high positions, and showy, sometimes arrogance, envy, jealous or you are fighting for the truth/Allah and protecting your family/people! notice that this world is not worth a wing of a mosquito in the sight of Allah. and treat good with the people (easy with them, good thought of them , treat them as how you like to be treated, love for them what you love for them, knowing that Allah's mercy is wide and might encompass every thing, Allah can let all the people rich, happy, healthy if He will...etc.) the hereafter is better and more durable.

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Allah described the friends of prophet Muhammad as "Strong against the kafirs and merciful among themselves" in an indication of how we should be fair in using the powers of anger.. or by another word to be fair in using strength and with who.. and using mercy and with who..

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