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Assalamoe alaikoum dear brother,

I believe I made a mistake today in my prayer, I stood up after doing the first prostration of the first rak’ah and did not sit or do the second prostration. When I started to recite Qur’aan I realized that I didn't do second prostration I finished my prayer and did the prostration of forgetfulness after tasleem. Is my prayer valid ?? Kindly provide me with a clear explantation, jazaak Allah

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Prostration of forgetfulness is done after completing all rakat and then in final time you recite tashahhud and the shahadah [ without reciting durood and supplication]and the do the tasleem only on the right hand side and then do the sajda twice reciting the tasbeeh of sajdah and then again recite tashahhud and the shahadah then recite durood and supplication and the do the tasleem on both side.... This completes your prayer..... Wassalaam

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IN THE NAME OF GOD! salam . Issue No.1099- One should, as an obligatory precaution, perform two Sajdatus Sahv after prayers in a few cases according to the rules that will be explained later. Those cases for which Sajdatus Sahv becomes obligatory are the following: 1- For talking forgetfully during prayers thinking that the prayers has finished, 2- Reciting Salam at the wrong place, like forgetfully reciting them in the second Rak’at of a four Rak’at prayer, 3- Forgotten Sajdah, 4- Forgotten Tashahhud, 5- If one erroneously sits down where he should stand, and vice versa. 6- When there is a doubt between 4 and 5 Rak’ats after the second Sajdah, it is obligatory to complete the prayers, and then perform 2 Sajdatus Sahv. And for omission or addition other than these, performance of Sajdah Sahv is recommended. Issue No.1105- Immediately after the Salam of prayers, one should make an intention of performing Sajdatus Sahv, and then go to Sajdah and say, “Bismillahi wa billah assalamu ‘alayka ayyuhan Nabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.” Then one should sit up and perform another Sajdah reciting the above-mentioned Zikr. After performing the second Sajdah, one should sit up again and recite Tashahhud and then say the Salam of the prayers. The precaution is to suffice to the obligatory part of Tashahhud and say the last Salam only.

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