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Assalamoe alaikoum dear brother,

I believe I made a mistake today in my prayer, I stood up after doing the first prostration of the first rak’ah and did not sit or do the second prostration. When I started to recite Qur’aan I realized that I didn't do second prostration I finished my prayer and did the prostration of forgetfulness after tasleem. Is my prayer valid ?? Kindly provide me with a clear explantation, jazaak Allah

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Prostration of forgetfulness is done after completing all rakat and then in final time you recite tashahhud and the shahadah [ without reciting durood and supplication]and the do the tasleem only on the right hand side and then do the sajda twice reciting the tasbeeh of sajdah and then again recite tashahhud and the shahadah then recite durood and supplication and the do the tasleem on both side.... This completes your prayer..... Wassalaam

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