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How do converts deal with NOW unwanted tattoos? Removals are usually not insured and summers are too HOT to cover them....I realize they are considered haraam in Islam

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AssalamuAlaikum dear brother

Brother do you live in Melbourne by any chance?

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Assalam Alaiykum brother,

Here is some information for you which may be of help to you inshaAllah.

Methods used in the past to remove tattoos, included:Skin graftingDermabrasion (removing the top layers of skin)Acid de-tattooingInfra-red, argon and carbon dioxide lasers.These are now obsolete and should not be used.

Q-switched lasers are now used to remove tattoos safely in most cases. The Q-switched lasers used are:

Nd:YAG laser – best at removing red, orange, yellow and brown pigments, as well as black and dark blue, . This laser is also best for removing tattoos from people with darker skin

Ruby laser – most effective for removing purple and violet pigments. Also used for removal of black and dark blue pigments, and sometimes green.

Alexandrite laser – .most effective for removing blue, black and green pigments, (said to remove green tattoo pigments better than any other laser).

How the new tattoo removal treatments work

Q-switched lasers work by penetrating the skin and breaking up the tattoo pigments into smaller pieces. The macrophage cells are then able to clear these smaller pigments from the skin. The laser feels like a snapping rubber band. It will not damage the normal skin surrounding the tattoo. 

Tattoos take months to fade

After laser treatment, the tattoo will take months to fade. Multiple treatments are required to stimulate the body’s immune system to fade the tattoo. In general:Self-applied or amateur tattoos require six to ten treatments.Tattoos applied by a professional tattooist and involving several colours will require more than 10 treatments.Treatments are spaced at weekly intervals.

Risks of scarring after laser tattoo removal

As with all medical or surgical treatments, tattoo removal involves some risks. In less than five per cent of cases, some very minor scarring may be seen. Some people may develop some lightening of the skin or mild textural change.

Where to get help if you live in Australia:

Your doctor, for advice and referralA tattooist whose premises is registered with their local councilYour local councilNURSE-ON-CALL Tel. 1300 60 60 24 – for expert health information and advice (24 hours, 7 days)Australasian College of Dermatologists Tel. (02) 8765 0242 or 1300 361 821 – for advice on tattoo removal or complications

In addition, Here is a website which provides a comparison chart of various products which were tested for safety and efficacy

If you click on any of the three "read more" tabs, you will be able to view the chart and use your own judgement.

May Allah Subhana wa ta' ala make this goal easy and achieavable for you. Salaam

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