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I am the only child ( daughter ) of my parents and would like to know on the basis of islamic law of inheritance, the exact distribution of share in my parents estate of all the legal heirs.

the queries are:

While we talk on inheritence, what comes under the term "estate" ? For instance, does it include the property, house, cash , gold & silver jewelery , all the household stuff including the furniture, clothes, utensils, artificial jewelery, shoes and so on ?

After my father expired my mother gave me all her gold and silver jewellery and some cash before her death specially for my marriage. will this also include in "estate" and is to be distributed among the legal heirs in shariah ?

My father owned 50% of the house on paper and rest 50% of the house was owned by my mother although the total finacial investment was done by my father. kindly explain whose estate will it be considered at the time of distribution ? Will it be considerd on the basis of investment or legal documented registry ? There is one more house fully owned by my mother although the investment was done by my father, how will the distribution take place ?

sequence of death and legal heirs:

  1. my father died in May 2008 (legal heirs alive then: my mother, myself, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, my father's brother and my father's 3 sisters)

  2. my mother died in August 2009 (legal heirs alive now: myself, maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, my mother's 2 sisters, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, my father's brother and my father's 3 sisters)

As of now all the estate is under me, am i supposed to give zakat on the gold and silver although the legal partition is not been done yet ? If yes, am i responsible to pay my part or on entire zakat items since August 2009 ? moreover am i entitled to pay zakat on the same gold and silver items every year or only once ?

I don't have any income and i got married in the year 2011.

Maryam jabeen


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if there are mother and children,mother will take estate's 1/8.children will take overplus.boys will take 2 shares,girls will take 1 share.

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