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Ghost is real or not.

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Salam, Dreamjng jn sleep is a part of a normal man life.It is a factor that keeos a man or woman,young or old,alive. Dreams are of two types,- one is guided by Satan and the other by angels.Dreams,many times, foretells future of someone and manytimes misguides.Translator of dreams are there and those wise may e consulted when such case turns up. People dreamwhile awake.these are imaginations and called day sreaming based on someones' hope.

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Thank you for your answer. May Allah bless you! There are actually three types of dreams: 1. The reflection of one's thoughts and experiences one has during wakefulness, 2. what is suggested by Satan to frighten the dreamer, or 3. glad tidings from Allah.

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salaam o alaikum, Western society has many names and theories for phenomenons that they do not understand. Even the East in the far remote places of the Earth have similar theories, different names, and same encounters. All phenomenons are JINN. SHATAN.

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