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Salam! Will the following be sins for a father.

Forcing your son to eat when he is not hungary or does not like taste of the food.

Delibrately embarrassing your son.

Not treating wife right i.e arguing, does not care about her opinion, making her feel sad etc...

Lying for money.

Looking at pictures of other women and flirting with them when he is already married.

Forcing his son or daughter to become something he or she does not want to be i.e forcing son to be a doctor etc...

I would just like to know these.

Thank you.

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Ques 1- Forcing your son to eat something LAWFUL is not a sin although it is good because at time young kids does not realise the benefits of some foods as they are pretty young and they tends to abandon them just for taste and does not think of its benefit, but offcourse fathers have a lot more wisdom than their children. Ques 2- Causing embarassment to others are not a preferable act in Islam as Islam is a modest religion and one of its principle is to maintain each others dignity but sometimes pointing out ones mistake in front of others make other feel a bit embarass but at the same time it may realise others that where they are wrong and they may correct it. So the ruling on this type of situations are normally individualistic in nature. Each situation needs to be judged as per its context. But overall making others feel embarass is against the principle of Islam. Ques 3- Not treating wife right - Now again this answer has a detail but right now I must tell you that giving her respect , comforting her and making her feel content and satisfied , valuing her opinion etc are all parts of Islamic mannerisms of marriage which unfortunately men does not realise due to the ignorance from their religion. Remember Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said " The best amongst you are the one who is best in manners/characters with their wives."[Agreed upon by both Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim and mentioned it in sahihayn]. As far as taking opinion from ones wife is concern then again it is the practice of Prophet. During the treaty of Hudaybia the disagreement arose on certain matters so the Prophet (peace be upon him) not only consulted one of his wife Umm Salma but also followed her opinion. Ques 4 - Lying for anything is haraam except that if you lie in order to make peace between two people or some other matters whose outcome is good in sight of Allah. Ques 5 - Whether married or unmarried,looking at pictures of other women and flirting is very strictly prohibited. So better stay away from all sorts of flirts [Looking at the picture of women if you are her suitor , is permitted and STRONGLY recommended].

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Thank you for your help!

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