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how will allah accept my dua .

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asalam alaiykum If you want to get your dua accepted any of them no matter how complicated it is there is only one solution. if for instance you have done something not that good no matter how bad it was it dosent matter allah is the ghafour rahimm (gafour) the forgiving .To make a dua this has to be and ongoing connection that will last forever with you and ALLAH swt. This means to 1)keep up with your praying this is the most important. I cant stress how far this will get you. This is 50% of your dua accepted already because allah has demanded for this. The other half is to understand that you have to be with allah, trust allah, give allah all your love and give him what he wants (praying) for him to be with you and give you what you want. So simply its like saying "do this for me and ill do this for you". Ofcourse as a muslim we should know what we can do and what to stay away from. This also counts, so as long as you are aware of what your doing, you have the answer to wether this dua will be accepted or not. i hope this helped. ASALAM ALAYKUM :)

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Allah hs told us to say prayer for five times, dont harm any one , do good things for other , speak truth , be honest etc. if we do all this Allah will accept our dua and if we dont do this Allah will not accept our dua.

For example if you are working in an office and your boss give you some instructions & rules to follow . If you dont follow the instructions of you boss what will happen that you will not be in the good books of your boss at the time of any reward your boss will not recommend your name . No increment will be given etc . So your any request ( Dua ) to your boss will contineously be rejected . . Hoping I it will help you to understand.


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