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Assalamu alykum I suffering from a negitive thoughts for example If i want to begin a new work or regarding to my disease or regarding to my career etc can anyone please help me out

Allah hafiz

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one of the best du3aa for this world and the last world is "Rabban atena fi-d dounya hassana, wa fi-l akherati hassana, wa quena 3azaba-n naar." o Allah bestow/grant a good on in this world, and a good in the Last, and avoid us from the torment of Hell.

For disease, the dou3a of sayidna Ayoub "Rabbi enni massaniya-d dorro wa anta ar7am-ir Ra7imeen." o my Lord, the harm has attached me and You are the most merciful of the mercifuls.

refresh you Iman and positive thoughts by saying the best zikr "la ilaha illa Allah".. and the best du3aa "Elhamdoulellahi rabb el 3alameen."

and the best words at Allah; "Sob7an Allah, el7amdoulellah, laa ilaha illa Allah, Allahou Akbar, la 7awla wala qowwata illa bellah."

sob7an Allah we be7amdih, sob7an Allah El 3Azim.(exalted is Allah and by praising Him, exalted is Allah the great.. a two words easy on tongue and are weighty on the balance/weight/scale.

Seeking forgiveness is a reason of many good like(money, children, rain...etc) "Astaghfrulllahou-l 3Azim" (I seek forgiveness of Allah, the Great)

sending salah of Allah upon the prophet and saluting him peace/salaam. "Allahumma salli 3ala el nabi." it is the reason of all good in this world and the Last.

May Allah accept from you and pleases you by His remembrance and let you taste its beauty. Assalaamu alaikum

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