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  1. In salat how wide should the gap between two hands in the state of sujud be?2. How to have the feeling in salah that i can see Allah.3. How do i ensure that my salat is accepted?4. One day i finished 'asr maybe at 4:46 pm according to a newspaper the sunset was at 5:14. Was my salah valid?5. Only a few days ago i corrected my arabic pronunciation in salat. Before that my arabic pronunciation wasn't according to proper tajweed. So the recitation was faulty. I prayed like this for about 3 yrs. Do i have to make these salats because they were nullified for not reciting with tajweed?
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Asalaam o alaikum, here are the requisites of salat times,

Fajr (pre-dawn) The Fajr prayer starts before the sun rises, and lasts until sunrise.

Dhuhr (midday) The Dhuhr prayer starts after the sun passes its [zenith], and lasts until Asr

Asr (afternoon) The Asr prayer starts when the shadow of an object is the same length as the object itself (or, according to Hanafi fiqh, twice its length) and lasts till sunset. Asr can be split into two sections; the preferred time is before the sun starts to turn orange, while the time of necessity is from when the sun turns orange until sunset.

Maghrib (sunset) The Maghrib prayer begins when the sun sets, and lasts till the red light has left the sky in the west.

Isha'a (night) The Isha'a prayer starts when the red light is gone from the western sky, and lasts until the rise of the "white light" (fajar sadiq) in the east. The preferred time for Isha'a is before midnight, meaning halfway between sunset and sunrise.

As for your hands, they should be beside the head, close but comfortable and not so as the elbows are bent outwards, so as to be in the way of others either side of you. As for your previous pronunciation, it was done with good intention, and the actions were taken. May Allah accept your prayers and intention. It is not as if you missed these prayers, and you made every effort. May Allah reward you for every effort.

To have Allah in your mind requires sheer concentration and the removal of all thoughts lingering, whilst in salat. With your tajweed, concentrate on every word spoken by the heart, with reverence and sincerity, and humility..............Zikr is a practice that will bring you closer to Allah, and give you more concentration power, and enlightenment to have Allah in your mind and minds eye to picture the reverence of The Almighty, Allah knows best.

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