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Tatoo(own like text,shape) is allowed or not.

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Asalaam o alaikum,,,,,,,,,,NO........Tattoos for Muslims is considered a haram act,

Narrated Aun bin Abu Juhaifa: I saw my father buying a slave whose profession was cupping, and ordered that his instruments (of cupping) be broken. I asked him the reason for doing so. He replied, "Allah's Apostle prohibited taking money for blood, the price of a dog, and the earnings of a slave-girl by prostitution; he cursed her who tattoos and her who gets tattooed, the eater of Riba (usury), and the maker of pictures."Book 34, Hadith 440bukhari

Tattooing is considered "mutilating" the body, changing Allah's creation It inflicts unnecessary pain, and introduces the possibility of infection It covers the natural body, and is therefore a form of "deception" Non-believers often adorn themselves this way, so it is "imitating the kuffar"

Henna can be seen as an exception, as it is only temporary.

Noting also, if a person reverts to Islam, and has a tattoo, then this is a past sin, and does not affect the person reverting, and the sin is forgiven.

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Thank you for your answer .but above answer is slave batch number or symbol.and also small injuries possible do any work.

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asalaam o alaikum, tattoos can be removed, if they are unwanted or unsightly. As for numbers, symbols, if they were inflicted by others against your will, then it is no fault of yours. Small injuries,like scarring is something of a healing process. Injuries themselves are not considered tattoos.But if inflicted by way of self mutilation, then this must cease immediately, it is a sign of Shatan present.

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