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I want to discuss a situation.

there are 4 friends, A, B,C, D

A decided to buy food to all.D have some stomach problem. so D decided to not to eat anything. but A advices D that eat some fruit salad.then all are decided to take fruit salad. meanwhile C conflicted with A for a small reason. so C refused to come to hotel. B insisted her. but C refused to come. at that time D said that D will not eat food. C believed it and came to hotel. fruit salad is bought to all by A. D began to eat. but C didnt eat. because C came to the hotel believing that D will not eat anything.

but D ate, and D tried hard to convince C to eat it. C refused to do it. the D thought that D is doing dishonest by eating the food. so D stopped the eating.At that time A began to scold D for not taking food. so D tried to explain the situation of D to C. then C eat a spoon food. after that D ate the food.

then all came out to the hotel. and D have deep remorse in D's own action. so D said to C that D committed sins by eating food. and D asked forgiveness from c. and C forgave D.

I want to know in this situation that 1. whether D is sinner or not? 2. did D break D's agreement? 3. was D dishonest in his action?

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