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i have so many dogs and it sometimes touch them without being slickered by their tongue..

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Asalaam o alaikum, please be aware of these Hadiths on dogs.

There are several other hadith, however, which warn of consequences for dog-owners:

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease every day by one qeeraat (a unit of measurement), unless it is a dog for farming or herding." In another report, it is said: "... unless it is a dog for herding sheep, farming or hunting." (Reported by al-Bukhaari)54, 541

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or an animate picture." (Reported by Bukhari)(Book 72, Hadith 833)

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "If a dog licks the vessel of any one of you, let him throw away whatever was in it and wash it seven times." Book 4, Hadith 173)Bukhari / (Book 002, Hadith 0546)Muslim

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guard dogs, sheep dogs and blind dogs are fine to keep. they shouldnt be kept as pets (keep cats or birds instead).

As for cleanliness, the dirt and filth lies in the saliva, sweat and other bodily fluids of the dog, not the skin. thus, touching the skin (if it isnt sweaty) will not make you dirty / impure / najis / needing to wash the affected part.


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dogs don't sweat.

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