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hello My name it's Ana-Maria , im original from romania im only 18 years old i have a boyfriend called Ali [ he is 35, muslim ] we meet online on a dating site we talked some months and we decide to meet he come in romania 2 times and we had sexual relationships [ zinnah ] . I wasn't so religiose before but i start be curious about his religion ,about islam, and i found that sex before marriage it's a very big sin and i talked with him about it and he told me that he love me and that why he did it even he know its a big sin , i asked him if he will stay more time like this in a haram relationship because i don't wanna stay like this more i don't fell i do the right thing and i wanna reach heaven i regret so much i had sex with him. When i asked him he told me that it's to early to get marry now i want to know if its ok to wait him untill he deside he want to get marry with me or i should quit on this relationship. I do love him he is a very nice men and mature but i want to do whats the right thing from now on.

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I dnt get this? If she stops her relationship with her boyfriend how could another man accept her? Is that a bigger sin? Ofcourse you need 2 pray 2 allah 4 4giveness...but would it be best for her 2 marry her boyfriend or marry someone else who would be there for her?? Sorry ppl i dmt kno the answers just tryin 2 seek advice frm others 4 answers to help a sister.

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my advice is that you tell him to marry you. if he says no, find a good muslim in romania and marry him instead. If you dress modestly and keep going to the mosque, you will find someone. you seem like a good person. keep making dua to Allah to help you.


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I talked with him about this and we deside to continue the relationship and stop having sexual contacts it's ok to keep stay in a relationship ?

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The sad truth is that many Muslims don't follow the laws of Sharia. Pre-Martial sex is a sin and Muslim men are taught to limit their relationships with women before marriage. This man doesn't seem like he cares too much out Islam and I would advise you not to continue your relationship with him.

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