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One of my Muslim friend is a good friend , he always tells about Islam and oneness of God. I and my entire family inspired by him. But he told one thing , a bitter eperience. He had sex with a woman where he rented. She too is a Muslim.At that he is 19 years.But the lady tempted. she had a girl of 10years. After that my friend told that they did a sin and its a big sin.. The woman inspired and started practicing Islam. Entire family became religious and everyone took the example of that family.Now my friend is 29 and the girl is 20 yers old. QUESTION IS NOW THE PARENTS OF MY FRIEND ARE PALLNNING TO MARRY HIM WITH THE DAUGHTER OF THAT WOMAN WITH WHOM HE HAS SE EARLIER.HE REFUSED IT.. THE PARENTS SAYS THAT ITS A GOOD FAMILY AND WHY HE REFUSED? CAN HE MARRY THAT GIRL ACCORDING TO SHARIIAH OR NOT? OR HE IS RIGHT BY REFUSING IT.. I told my friend to tell this thing to their family and reject> He says that the matter is between two and Allah, he don't want to reveal in public as the reputation of that woman and family will go away. If Allah wills ,will forgive and one should not reveal the KHAMI/..He rejected but the situation is some...other there. He can't tell. so he told me.

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No, he shouldnt marry her. He already had sex with the mother, and if he marrys the daughter, he will probably visit his in laws, the old times will come back, and he will commit the even greater sin of sex while married with a woman he is not even allowed to get married to.

The two will always remember they committed the sin and it could lead to worse things later on.

He obviously knows that, and feels uncomfortable marrying a woman whose mother he has slept with. It is like marrying your step daughter, and Allah has said that marrying your stepdaughter is haraam (Sura Nisaa 4:23)

It is best for him to marry the mother, if she is not currently married. that would be best for him. he would still be married into a good family, but to the mother. the age gap wouldnt matter at all. THe Prophet (saw) was 25 when he married Khadijah (ra) , who was 40.

If the mother is currently married, he should not marry the daughter. He should find someone else.


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