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Loan was taken by me from a friend. Before I could repay it he expired. I had told him that I would repay it once an "event" took place. This event does not have any chance of being fulfilled. But I wish to repay the loan. He was unmarried with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. During his last days they never visited him nor came for his funeral. Another friend of his laid him to rest. They never allowed him to be buried in their ancestral plot. These brothers and sisters of my friend are such that they will stop at nothing to extract more money from me once they come to know that I owed my friend such and such an amount. They will definitely ask for more and create a lot of hurdles for me. Where should I give this money so that my loan is repayed?

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you would give the money to the heirs. once the person you owe money to dies, you give it to the people who inherit from him. So:

divide the loan into 6 parts.

the mother gets 1 / 6 the brothers and sisters get 2/3 the father gets the rest (1/6)

since there are 2 brothers and 2 sisters, each brother gets 2/9 each sister gets 1/9

eg. loan is $900

mother gets 900/6 = $150 Brothers and sisters get $900 / 4 = $600 each brother gets $200 each sister gets $100 mother gets 900/6 = $150


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