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I grew up in a moderately Islamic Household, my parents taught us to read arabic and how to pray..being surrounded by other Muslim families, it made everything the norm.. But we moved when I was a teenager and there were no Muslims within miles and because of that, I rebelled in my youth.I forgot even the most basic of Islam, and how to pray.

I've started prioritizing Allah and Islam now. I've started to pray and become an active Muslim but I'm worried that my prayers won't be accepted because I stumble my way through them and have still not regained all the basic Islam fundamentals that I once had.

On getting back to Islam?

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W Salaam, Allah (SWT)forgives all sins. Your on the right path back to a righteous way of life Ahamdullah. I myself rebelled in my youth and adult years. I taught myself how to pray through the internet. Your good intentions is what counts. Salaam Alykoum

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as long as you truley regret what you did, you do istighfar and promise to never do the things you did again you will be forgiving we say it every day "in the name of allah the most merciful the most kind" of all of the mercy in the world we only have a small percentage i belive it was either 5 or 1% and of all the forgivness and kindness we see allah has much much more you prayer is accepted as long as you have done wudu and have the intention of praying maybe you havent performed ghusl after somthing happend? a know that a lot of muslims in the west dont know what it is or just dont preform it when they need to.

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asalaam aleykum

as far as you are alive i see yu still have the golden oportunity to Repent and mend your ways.

Wa Lllah Yaghfiru kulu dhamb ila SHIRK see surat Luqman. please

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