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Asalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Dear brothers and sisters, First I take this chance to thank Allah for who I am today, and for what he gave me this week- a baby! Alhamdulilah. Dear jamia, there are things confuses me, about nifas; is it prohibited to cut nails during this period of janaba? Some people say you can not cut nails in a state that they are not clean, until you wash for ghusl(purify yourself) I experience bad dreams that scare me, can I resite dua for protection when am in nifas? Some people say I can read surat ikhlas indirectly (not by reciting aloud). But for what I know it is not allowed to recite Qur'an * when to purify myself- is it a MUST to complete 40 days or when blood stops?

Please I need clarifications with supportive hadith or aya.

Allah knows best

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Wa alaykoum el salaam wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatouh sister. Congratulation/mabrook and i ask Allah to let your new born be a pleasure to your eyes and grant you to be thankful for Him, and to protect, guide, teach and provide your baby as He did when he/she was in your womb.

regarding your questions; There is no problem in reciting Quran without touching it directly(except for a necessity/must) . so you can recite Quran but better in your secret.. without touching Quran as we are told; " None touch it except the purified" (56:79)

for Nifas duration, it can take less than forty or sixty days, and it start with red blood, then dark, then yellow, then clear... it should stop first before you start pray.

and Allah knows better, Assalaamou alaikoum

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