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Assalamu Alaikoum to all brothers & sisters,

The sorrow that i am going throgh is very hard. Since three weeks back i have lost my job which was a very good job. I am married with one son and my wife is expecting another baby at any time now. My work was sustaning my family and i also look after my parents who are old. I have also some unsettled debt which i was repaying. I am not from a rich family and the only source which Allah gave me was from my job. Now everything has come to a full stop and one cannot imagine the pain that is inside me especially when i look at my family. Actually i have no solution. Today i am able to use internet to write this message but the days to come i do not know what will happen. I am a muslim and practice my deen and now it has intensify. I have faith that Allah will provide a solution but these days are very difficult and even i have to strive for food. I do not even sleep and days are long. Finding a job is also hard

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walaykum salam broda May Allah answer ur prayers nd whip away ur tears and sorrow. U can search 4 job on d internet there ar many website 4 vacancies...May Allah provide 4 u

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