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why am i feeling that allah is not with me after missing a salah in respective time..nd later recovering it

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As salam alaikum :) Allah is ALWAYS with you !!!! You're probably just feeling guilt from missing them. Talk to Allah and cry out to him. He is always therr to listen :)

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ALLAAH(swt) is always with you. The shaytaan is using your guilt to make you feel distanced and ALLAAH(swt) I believe allows that so that you can feel that oang of missing HIM and want to get back close to HIM (swt). Pray and ask for forgiveness and remember that ALLAAH(swt)says not despair of HIS mercy. Remember ALLAAH(swt) is the most Gracious, Most Merciful, so pray and repent and set an alarm if necessary and when those lazy times come, get and up pray anyway byt the time you get started you will so good that you spent that time with our Lord and you will feel the peace that salah brings, so don't despair of ALLAAH(swt)'s mercy and don't tire of giving HIM praise because when you remember HIM, HE remembers you and how wonderful is that.

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TAUBA is the best thing to get closer to almighty ALLAH. Do tauba more and more.

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