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Assalamualaikum I am a girl. Just now completed my bachelor's degree n luking for job.I have responsibilities of my maa n 4 siblings.. as I don't have father n no financial support of any one trying very hard for job to earn but not getting it..please give me some suggestions according to Islam..wat n how to earn.

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Nice Question where is your location?. You can make money online according to islamic way there are lot of ways such as article writing blogging etc

I would suggest you to become blogger and apply for google adsense program if you are in UK or USA you will get quick approval if you are living in India or Pakistan then you have to wait for 6 months or so

READ ABOUT google adsense program setting up good blog and post valueable content on it and along with writing you can learn SEO how to promote your website on internet

Thanks any more help required plz reply in thread

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Thank u for above suggestions...I am from India..n I also want to ask that I am an engineer so which field should I choose so that I can mentain parda...whether I should go for teaching or in a company coz its about my career..

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Well teaching is good if you join company you can earn more and you maintain your parda. Along with joining company you should try out for Google as side business

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